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CuBES Solution

Consumer Banking Front End System, in short, CuBES Architecture has been developed by DMS through extensive research and experience gained in developing banking solution through out the years. It is currently the most complete End-to-End Loan System in the market.


Due to the fact that there are no banks have the same process, we developed CuBES based on flexibility and modular approach to adapt to the banks owned process requirements.

Flexibility is achieved through the use of parameter that can be modified by our client. As the requirement arises, other modules can be added to the base systems.

Most banks want a cost-efficient customer relationship management model, which can deliver maximum value to customers with optimum use of resources. CuBES should be able to service all levels of management and deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.

CuBES has been designed to meet ALL of the above requirements!

CuBES Features


CuBES was developed based on flexibility and modular approach to adapt to the different process requirements.


CuBES flexibility in design, modularity offers other benefits such as augmentation and exclusion.


Use CuBES Workflow-based application to accelerate process automation and business application delivery.


Use mapping parameters, mapping variables, and parameter files to set up business rules that are volatile in nature and change frequently.

Rapid Implementation

Our Implementation designed to deliver enterprise validation life-cycle management solutions based on aggressive timelines.


CuBES depends heavily on Menu-driven programs; screens are designed for user-friendly approach to the system.


We are considering your business growth and CuBES are ready to support your growth into the future.

Regulatory Compliance

CuBES always make the effort to comply on all the regulatory rules and guidelines governed by OJK.

CuBES Modules

Loan Origination System (LOS)

Loan Origination Module was developed as an add-on product to the base systems to address the needs of the banking industry to always innovate in providing its product and services to the customers. Currently available are Balance Transfer Loan, Multi Purpose Loan, Credit Card, Auto Loan including and supporting channeling and Housing Loan. Other module can be developed based on the requirements.

LOS Features

Automation Process

Integration and automation of processes from origination, credit monitoring and handling of problem loans.

Interface Ready

Integration with the Core Banking System, thus eliminating the redundancy process of entry.


Pre-scoring for generating principle approval or rejection.

User Matrix

Authority control pricing, portfolio and approval limit control, early warning NPL.

Rewards/Incentive Conceptual Model

The information from the CuBES and Banking Core System such as SILVERLAKE will be used to calculate agent commission based on sales performance. The Sales Commission System is equipped with a basic Human Resources Management System (HRMS) which enable bank to monitor and manage their agencies profile and performance in efficient way. Where as the Event Management System will enable bank to produce profit/loss analysis for every promotional event.


Collateral Management Model

Module functions to perform maintenance status of the document, adding new documents received, and for monitoring documents Obtain To Be (TBO). Data derived from the CORE; documents such as: the data security documents ,credit documents ,and documents the customer will be automatically sent to Collateral Management.


Appraisal Management Module

With years of experience working with appraisal management clients, lenders and appraisers, we have developed a robust appraisal management software which is flexible enough to be aligned with your business goals and objectives.


Loan Monitoring System

The most important process after all application has been approved and fund has been disbursed is the delivery of the account statement, billing statement and other physical material that need to be sent to the customer.


Mobile Apps Topology

As part of the DMS action to take lead on the Mobile Apps development into the future, CuBES’s Loan Origination System is now also available in the form of mobile apps.


SID Automation Process

Integration into SID/BI Checking System for auto searching and retrieve checking. This useful tool will be seamlessly as part of the background process to users; BI Checking process will never gets this much easier.


Collection Management Module


– Automating the Process: Extraction and consolidation of the various applications into a unified collection database

– Exception agreement marking: Normal operations like queue creation, letter generations will not be carried out when marked as exception

– Follow up of cases: Collector can take predefined actions, with possible next actions, which results into a set of actions

– Reallocation of cases: Multiple cases can be reallocated from one collector to another and reallocated by area, zip code, queue code and agreement number

– Tracking historical information: Ability to keep track historical info of all actions plan and activities carried out between customer and the institution i.e. performance analysis

– Repossession: For repossessing assets of delinquent customers

– Letter Generation

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