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About Us

PT. Digital Mind System (DMS), (established since 1999) is a leading provider of workflow solution in the area of Banking, Financial Institution, Telecommunication, e-Logistics and eGovernment. Our company’s software solution supports the workflow requirements of all types of businesses in all major industry in Indonesia. Leading companies have used our software to overcome industry challenges while establishing the most efficient way in their workflow process. Our solutions are available in both English and Indonesian to optimize your workflow execution within, and across, the enterprise.

DMS began to center its efforts on developing a flexible, expandable and rapidly deployable software application capable of running on PC Platforms while supporting numerous databases. During the second half of year 2001, with the Internet becoming a serious challenge to traditional commerce practices, DMS expanded its focus to include meeting the point of presence needs of retail Banking, Finance, Telecommunication and Logistics companies and at the end of year 2001, DMS released the web version of its products.


To become software solution provider of choice in any market we choose to serve by giving the best affordable solution using applicable technology in timely manner.


To enable people and businesses to work faster, efficient and accurate. To provide fast and implementable solution for our customer. To provide opportunity to be creative, innovative and professional for our employee. To provide an attractive return on investment to the shareholder.

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